ReArrange YOURS is a small décor business that specializes in redecorating, organizing and staging residential properties to show well and sell. We keep our rates affordable because our team works as associates and eliminates the need to carry a high overhead.

home stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/Austinhome stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/AustinReArrange YOURS works with realtors, individual home and business owners and we have the references to back our reputation. Please be sure to see our SPOTLIGHT and PORTFOLIO pages and check our realtor references below and our clients comments on our TESTIMONIALS page. We welcome your call or email to learn more about our services.

Residential Décor Services

Although ReArrange YOURS will create an entirely new space with full design services, we often take what our clients already have and rearrange it to create an entirely new look. This provides a cost efficient way to redecorate a home or office space without having to buy a multitude of new furnishings and accessories. We also shop for or with you to find those perfect accents or furnishings to complete the redecoration.

We strive to make our work an expression of who our clients really are. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know our clients and determining what will suit their lifestyles and personalities. Whatever their goals, we hope to generate harmony, flow and balance to give their home positive energy and a wonderful environment in which to live. We can create a soothing respite…or…we can design areas to serve the playful side of their character. We can make a showplace or surroundings that are warm and cozy, rustic or elegant…and we especially enjoy creating romantic or exotic bedrooms.

We simply adore getting into the imagination of children to create their sleeping rooms and play spaces. We also relish working with older children whenever possible and encourage them help us create the concept or vision they want to have around them.

Outdoor living rooms are also a passion for our team and we strive for this to become a space where their family and friends love to gather. 

Staging to Sell Services

ReArrange YOURS works with home owners and top realtors in the Dallas Ft Worth metro and Nashville. We have proven that staging works and our realtors tell us they always get more activity and faster sales after we helped their clients make their homes show worthy. We strive to keep our costs down and excel in using what our clients already own to stage their home for sale. Yes, we keep costs down and the showings up and have been said that we literally change the way people live. It’s amazing how good a organized and beautiful home will feel.

Our realtors often hire us to consult with their clients on how to make their homes show well and sell faster. We have several ways that we work with realtors and sellers.

home stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/Austinhome stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/AustinConsulting:
We come in, talk with the sellers about the obvious things that are important, photograph the home and then produce a detailed report with photographs that give sellers information on what the buyers see and what will deter or motivate offers. In this report we point out what needs to be done to make their home photograph, show better and motivate an offer and we provide a four page document that give them details on what should be done prior to a showing. After reviewing the report, the clients have the choice to do nothing, do it themselves or to hire us to help.

Working Consult:
We will also come in and work for four to eight hours with the sellers to go through the house and point out what needs to be done. As we move through the home, we literally make the obvious changes we can handle without movers. We focus on addressing first impressions and key selling features during this consult. Once we leave, sellers will know what they need to do to resolve issues and complete the clearing, organization and decorative staging.

Complete Staging Services:
Most of the time, we are hired to de-clutter, organize and stage the home. Our goal is to create the great impression needed to make the home stand out to buyers and generally expedite the sale. Marketing starts with the realtors’ photographs and a staged home will show better on-line and in person.

We can either work with sellers to accomplish this goal or we can handle the entire project for them. Our team comes with organizers, stagers and movers and we are also associated with other trusted contractors who can handle any maintenance, repair or renovation issues. We have repair, maintenance and construction contractors, stone masons, landscapers, deep cleaners, upholsterers, photographers and other associates who help us provide custom design services that set your home or office apart from any other.