About US…Taking what you have and creating a great new look!

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June Walker, Owner, Lead Decorator and Stager

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When staging to sell your home, we strive to take what you have and simply rearrange it so that it creates a style that is beautiful yet not an exhibit of your personality. Instead, our team turns your home into a beautiful property where buyers can see the bones, the architecture and the selling features rather than who you are. We design more of a model home so buyers see themselves there and emotionally connected.

However…when decorating a home you are going to enjoy for years to come, then we can have fun more fun and make certain…it’s about you. We learn who you are…what you like and add some spice that creates the WOW factor to match your family’s personalities. A huge amount of psychology is involved with our business and we get very close to our clients since we see places no one else is allowed to see. This helps us create a concept that will use what you have, what you want that you don’t have and then we add impact and a delightful new style.

I started decorating when I was in high school. My dad was a builder and I had the pleasure of picking out his palet of colors and materials. As a college art major turned marketing, advertising, public relations when in my career…I learned how to lead the eye where I wanted it to go. This helps with staging and general design and I am known to use basic scale, flow, balance and color effectively. My clients seem to love the results of opening up space and adding impact.

After decades in radio, TV and corporate marketing and after working free lance as a stager for realtors on weekends and during vacations for years, in 2007 I left that corporate world and launched ReArrange YOURS. It has been a dream come true as each day I have new challenges that use color, texture and design to accomplish the clients’ or realtors’ goals. I also have the joy of making people happy and who wouldn’t love a job like this. I am blessed.

About US…Putting things in order

It’s very important to the process of selling a home to make sure everything is put in order. Part of this process is maintenance, organization and making certain the home is sparkling inside and out. A key part of the ReArrange YOURS is our team of organizers, movers and cleaners, all scheduled and run by Lisa Tansey, our lead organizer.
As we move through life we tend to collect clutter and Lisa makes clutter disappear. It’s said that dynamite comes in small packages and Lisa is proof thereof! This tiny little lady has the ability to take chaos and make it orderly whether in children’s rooms, closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the garage, library or office. The ReArrange YOURS team can also help pack to move or unpack, set up and decorate a new home and Lisa manages the planning for the move process

home stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/Austinhome stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/AustinHer strong work ethic, common sense and attention to detail are said to literally change our clients’ lives. Lisa teaches our clients how to live with a strategy to keep clutter under control and things in order. Her high energy, attention to detail and knack for listening to our customer’s needs are assets when organizing.

Before joining ReArrange YOURS, Lisa worked for Fortune 500 companies as an administrative assistant, in outside sales and she setup newly established organizations’ systems. Her experience with a manufacturer of mortar and grout where she learned how to properly lay ceramic- tile helps with our kitchen and renovation projects. She knows her products and also trained Lowe’s store employees anhome stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/Austinhome stager,home decorator,home organizers,affordable decorating,affordable team,lower rates,Nashville/Dallas/Austind marketing representatives on the product’s proper use.

Lisa is a key asset to our team and once you meet her, you will understand why.
About us…Our support team are people with values and ethics
We never mark up our team services and clients pay our team members directly. This helps us keep our costs down and yields a reduced rate for our clients.

Mark Your Mover…
Mark Hammerquist is a veteran and college student who returned from Foreign Service a few years ago. He and another college student Levi Johannsen set-up their teams to work with us to rearrange the homes we are staging to sell. They also help with rearranging furnishings when we redecorate. Over the years we have worked together while they are going to college, these fine young men have grown their skills and are now helping hang heavy art and antiques, make suggestions and generally growing as organizers and stagers. They are diligent about not harming the furniture or walls while making tough changes such as moving treadmills from one level to another. They also keep their rates affordable and have tackled some really tough jobs with warm humor, good intentions, integrity, honesty and great attitudes.

Mark and Levi manage their teams of movers and often help clients load and move furniture and items to storage on days when ReArrange YOURS stagers are not working with them. They also work with our Lead Organizer Lisa Tansey to pack and unpack clients who want these ancillary services. We are very proud of this group of young men who make up Mark Your Mover!

Maritza Romerez and Company…
Maritza and her niece Esther are simply incredible. They don’t have to be told to clean baseboards, ceiling fans, moldings and under things…they just do it. They even do windows throughout and in ground floor homes, they will also do exterior. If the home is large, Maritza has other people she brings with her so they can make our deadlines and get the job done on time. Many of the décor clients have continued to use Maritza after the initial project because her team operates with good integrity and when they leave…things simply sparkle.
Other contractors…

Whether renovation or repair, lighting and electrical, flooring or upholstery…we have contractors who can do the job well. Again, we don’t mark up their fees and unless you want us to be the contractor, you work directly with them and pay these people directly. June and Lisa are here to help you find reliable, capable people to help.

Our Associates and Realtor Clients…
We work with the best realtors in DFW and Nashville. They realize that in today’s market…to make a home sell…it generally needs to be organized, staged and cleaned well. Many realtors pay us to come into client homes and tell them what they need to do to make the home show well and sell. We do this as a service and we either work three to four hours with clients to start the process or we produce a full report with photos that take the sellers from drive up, room by room to when the potential buyers leave. We literally show them what buyers will see and where they can be motivated or turned off. We also make suggestions on what needs to be done. Most often, they need help and ask for it so ReArrange YOURS is there for them. Other times, they have watched enough HGTV that they want to try it themselves. Either way, knowing what to do will provide a better opportunity to sell faster at the desired price.

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