"I was introduced to June Walker by a local Real Estate Broker from Robson Ranch.The first moment she walked in my home I just knew that she was the right person for the job. She has a wonderful eye for color and placement. On completion my home looked so much larger .I was and am so happy with the results.Whether you are looking to re-decorate or have your home staged for re-sale, I would highly recommend June. She is so easy to work with and very profesional. You will not be disapponted."
Penny Ackerman, Denton, Texas

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"Working with June has been a great pleasure and I can honestly say my home has never looked better. Working almost entirely with what I had the transformation has been amazing. I can't speak highly enough about how pleased I have been with her and all the folks who she has recommended."
Randal Wright, Dallas

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“After investing in a house full of expensive furniture I found it to be beautiful …but cold. My friend Linda Bond…a leading DFW realtor…suggested I have June Walker help me create a place where I would love to come home as well as entertain. June asked questions, visited my closet, took me shopping and finally figured out how to pull my bland rooms together in a way I would like it. She nailed it! I couldn’t be happier.”
John Cannon ( Click Here for Spotlight Page to View Home)
"Watching home improvement shows, you see transformations provided by the magic of tv and stagers. With June, it can happen in real life, too, and it seemed so effortless. June came into our home and started that transformation with just her first visit, and now we have such a new enjoyable home space - one that incorporates both our personalities; we wonder why we didn't look for June sooner. We recommend June and her team to anyone that wants to fully realize their home-living space potential."
Tina and Alan Pronk, Keller Texas

June is just such a stellar organizer/decorator. She did wonders with my rag-tag odd collection of furniture, antiques and junk! She's a joy!
Cora Wiser, College Grove, TN

June, the Hatcreek property had two offers with one being over the asking price just four days after you helped the client with staging!
Shelly Mullins

June has worked with me on homes that need staging in order to make them sell. My clients often call and tell me June has turned their place into a showplace. I highly recommend June to come help you ReArrange YOURS!
J. J. Love, The Agent with a Heart

My old farmhouse was a wreck after renters had used it for years and when I retired, I needed a place where an old bachelor could live with comfort. June Walker and ReArrange YOURS came to Jackson and helped me make it a comfortable place without too many frills. I wanted something more rustic and to carry out my Cherokee heritage and she persuaded me it needed a new paint job and clean up and even had the ceilings painted. Then she went to work with her creative flair for design and made it feel peaceful and comfortable with a very nice looking style that feels like me. I had given a lot away when moving from Utah so she shopped with me to get some accessories and art and didn’t spend exorbitant amounts to give me a great place to live.
Ray McNeil Jackson TN

My husband and I moved into our new home and worked to make it our dream home but it just wasn’t what we wanted it to be. Expecting visitors that meant a lot to me, I wanted it to be a showplace and June Walker helped me accomplish the goals. She shopped with me and allowed me to pick out accessories that were our style and then put them together to create a peaceful, soothing yet beautiful place with plants, fountains, art and color. I love what we accomplished together.
Krista Beitter Nashville TN

I wanted someone to just come in and consult with me to tell me what I should do with my home. In three hours, June Walker came in and we moved some things around in the rooms that didn’t feel good. I was amazed at how getting the sectional separated and corners open made a real difference in the feeling of the room. She moved art and accessories around and told me what else I should work on so I got the full consultation but also some immediate results. It gave me the inspiration to go to work and I love what has happened.
Pat Halprin Nashville TN

When I met June Walker, I had just gotten a divorce and wanted to make my house my own place. Our things had been divided and I had some nice pieces but nothing worked together anymore and again, I wanted my own style. With four children the place was disorganized and a wreck but June and her team came in and first cleaned, painted, shined and organized and then she came in to do her magic. They also renovated my kitchen backsplash and countertops and used t he same wonderful tiles around the fireplace to hide the dated marble. They even built a modern backless entertainment center to display art and the new flat screen TV. More than anything, I needed a meditation room and was thrilled with the outcome of June’s work. She seemed to tune into me and truly bought accessories and blended them together with what I had. All I did was give her my credit card and she made the rest happen in every room of my home.
Angela Proctor Nashville TN

Jim and I are so fortunate we followed your detailed guidance to stage our home for sale and lease. Having watched 3 homes on our street still for sale well over a year, our expectations were not high. Surprise! Within 3 weeks of listing, our house was leased with option to buy at asking price in 6 months. We credit much of this success to your expertise June...your organizer along with your Lisa Tansey. Staging works! It was certainly worth the effort and your reasonable fee. You exceeded our expectations and I'm certain you will continue to do so with others.
Marge and Jim Woodard, Homeowners in Robson Ranch Denton TX

Thank you so much for coming and visiting with us and for the speedy report. We appreciate your input and expertise immensely. I am very relieved that the report was not nearly as scary as I envisioned! We will definitely start chipping away at it and if we need any help I will not hesitate to contact you.
Emily Chapman, Dallas TX

June had come to Clarksville to consult with me on feng shui and making my décor work in my home. She worked room by room to help me realize why they didn’t work and also why they worked when they did. She moved a few things around and gave me my working list and I appreciated the results so much I asked her to come back and help me create a peaceful space for my massage therapy business. I also wanted to do things that generated positive impact and was amazed how in a little more than four hours the space was totally transitioned with draped clouds of fabric on the ceilings and the overall effect of the entry, waiting area and my therapy room. It truly made a difference.
D. C. Clarksville,TN

To Whom it May Concern:

I have the good fortune to have witnessed the extreme decorating, rearranging, and organizing talents of June Walker on numerous occasions. I cannot say enough in recommending her in the highest regard. Salient points concerning Ms. Walker’s talents include:

1. June is very responsive to a client’s particular vision and needs.
2. She works responsibly, on time, with every accommodation, and extremely quickly. Her physical stamina on the job is purely amazing.
3. Her ability to take a client’s unremarkable, cast off, and routine items to a new level of beauty is legendary. This factor limits costs.
4. Her skills include a strong sensitivity to feng shui energy flows, and represent another area of competence.
5. The artistry of June’s home arrangements is both unique and first-rate.
6. Another area of skill includes staging homes for re-sale.
7. Her talents in bringing order out of chaos, in a most attractive manner, enable her to be a wonder in organizing the overwhelmed client.
8. The depth of caring June has for people causes her clients to feel that they have been understood, and almost even loved, when a job is finished.
9. June is fair in all business dealings, a true professional.

I would feel blessed to have June Walker’s services, and can heartily recommend her to any and all persons who wish to obtain the most for their money. Let her ReArrange Yours and be assured of satisfaction in the most artistic manner.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott
135 Shade Tree Lane
Pegram, TN 37143